• Rebekah Iliff

    Rebekah Iliff

    Nashville-based. Words in Slackjaw, Weekly Humorist, Points in Case, Erma Bombeck, and more. Forthcoming book 2/8/22, pre-order: bit.ly/champagnefo

  • Sarah Hope Marshall

    Sarah Hope Marshall

    Community Development Consultant & Speaker: Diversity, impact organizational change & profit. Free 30 min consult -www.profoundhopeindustries.com/schedule

  • Irma Mesa

    Irma Mesa

    Product Manager by day. Hacking away at https://meetcafecito.com at night. Happy to chat about remote work or being a woman in tech. DMs always open!

  • Anton Lex

    Anton Lex

    words of wisdom

  • Sam Eckman

    Sam Eckman

    I make genuine connections with people | Writer for The Ascent, Illumination, The Innovation | Life Coach and World Traveler Extraordinaire | Nice to Meet You

  • Pamela Hibbler

    Pamela Hibbler

    CEO/Co-Founder of TechMae

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